Pulse 8



The Pulse8 is a miniaturized version of the MEDEC Bioresonance System, designed for localized, site specific therapeutic treatment of ailments such as sports injuries,
migraine, tinnitus, sinusitis and more. The Pulse8 often provides a convenient solution because its small size means it can be attached or applied to a specific location with little inconvenience to the user during their work or physical activity.

The Pulse8 only needs a small battery to operate, which is a big advantage when using it away from home.

For example, athletes are able to attach and receive the benefits of the Pulse8 during or immediately after their practice and competition.

The Pulse8 can also be used as an easy, non invasive and very effi cient way of acupuncture. For example, it can be strapped to the area of the recommended Biological Active Points and it will gently stimulate and harmonize the connected meridians and its related organ systems.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the stimulation of the body’s Biological Active

Points can assist with:
• opening up of energy blockages
• activation and opening of the meridians
• reviving energy, blood and lymph circulation
• improving the energy into the body’s joints and tendons, thereby loosening joints and regulating tendons

• A battery operated Control Unit with 250 treatmenthours.
• Velcro straps for securing Pulse8 to selected anatomical points that require treatment.
• Carry bag and instruction manual.