MEDEC BRS 500 (Bioresonance Therapy)



The BRS 500 was the fi rst Bioresonance System developed by MEDEC and has been sold in over 20 different countries. The BRS 500 is the most sophisticated model within the BRS range, incorporating a choice of 29 stimulation, relaxation and sedation programs, designed for regeneration or relaxation.

An energy fi eld is created when the mat or pillow applicator is connected to the control unit and one of the 29 different programs is activated. By simply lying on
the mat or by using the pillow, the body benefi ts from the effects of the gentle energy fi eld, helping the body to “recharge its batteries”.

The Light & Sound Therapy stimulates the brain waves with the help of optic signals from the LED spectacles and acoustic signals of the headphones. Depending on the type of program selected, the brain adapts to the pulsations, and produces either Beta waves (waking state), Alpha waves (relaxation phase), Delta waves (deep sleep) or Theta waves (dream state). The different programs positively support relaxation, sleep, concentration and memory.

The BRS 500 is used by Health Professionals in their clinics as well as the health conscious private user at home.

Regular use of the Bioresonance Therapy can assist in:

• Increasing the natural regenerative power of the body
• Strengthening the immune system
• Prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatism
• Increasing the metabolism
• Reducing the effects of ageing
• Regulation of blood pressure
• Reduction of stress levels
• Improving sleep and relaxation

• Control Unit with a choice of 29 programs, operated by a microprocessor
• A large applicator mat for whole-body stimulation.
• An applicator pillow for localized stimulation e.g. knee, foot, hand
• LED Spectacles and Headphones for light & sound therapy.